So Cal Pocket Memories: FUN!!! FUN!!! FUN!!! at Castle Park in Riverside

FUN!!! FUN!!! FUN!!! at Castle Park in Riverside

We went to Castle Park last Saturday and I was really surprised at how many rides my preschooler could get on!  Being on my 9 month of pregnancy it was great to see a lots of shady areas and places to sit while my preschooler got on the rides.

Out of 27 rides 11 of them he could ride alone and 9 of them he could ride with a partner.

Loved seeing my son run around from ride to ride.

His favorites...

Crazy Plane - A kid-sized plane (adults can ride too)....rode 3 times!

Castle Park Railroad - a 15 minute ride around the park

Antique Car Ride - cute setting....he rode this about 6 TIMES!!!!  He loved it.  We came back to this ride later to ride over and over again.  Saw some other kids that we had seen early re-riding also!  

They have a beautiful Merry-Go-Round that both kids and adults love!

It was nice to just sit back and watch him bounce from ride to ride.  

He didn't build up his courage to go on Log Ride, but he now says that next time we go that he wants to get on.

Some of the "big kids" rides are...

For more information  click here

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